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When choosing the right contractor for a remodeling project, many homeowners focus on price at the expense of other aspects. The price might be remarkably low, but will the project be completed on time? Is the contractor experienced or is this his first time installing a hardwood floor? A contractor that comes with great references from people you trust should always trump price—here’s why.

Corners Won’t Be Cut

You get what you pay for during your remodeling project. If your contractor provides you with the lowest price and no detailed bid explaining the breakdown of labor, fixtures and other supplies, he might be cutting corners in order to get your business. A desperate contractor seeks work at your expense, leaves the job partially or poorly done and almost always ends up costing you more in the long run.

They Know What They’re Worth

A contractor who charges a fair rate and comes with fantastic recommendations is always the better choice over the inexpensive contractor. Skilled labor is not cheap and costs more than unskilled or inexperienced labor. You wouldn’t choose a dentist or doctor who offered labor for free (or even for minimum wage), so why would you consider a contractor who undervalues his labor? Selecting a highly recommended contractor means selecting years of experience and expertise.

They Can Save You Money

Experienced and well recommended contractors might cost you more in the short term, but they almost always save you money in the long term. A successful and high-quality installation will last longer than a cheap one, so you won’t need to worry about replacing your flooring after only a few years. Skilled contractors can also identify current and potential problems in your home to address them before they become even more costly. Basement finishing and room remodeling involves delicate electric work, skilled plumbing work and waterproofing. Someone who lacks the right training won’t be able to prevent problems from occurring. Your basement finishing project might be finished only to be ruined a week later when it floods! The right contractor can save you lots of money in the long run.

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