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Environmental and Construction Services, through consulting, or hands-on field work.​​​​

About Us

REMCON3, LLC (REMCON) provides a variety of environmental and construction services, either through consulting, or actual hands-on field work. The principals in each of the fields have over 30 years of experience, plus crossover experience, which provides value to our clients in the form of reduced costs through efficient execution and minimal personnel involvement. Clients include governmental (federal, state and local), as well as, commercial and residential. Additional specialists, including professional engineers and certified industrial hygienists, are available on call, helping to keep costs and fees to a minimum.

Our Services

environmental management protective gear
Environmental Management

We offer a comprehensive range of environmental management services including asbestos inspections, site assessments, industrial hygiene monitoring and more.

construction site

As a locally owned and operated construction services company, we have a wealth of experience in both partial and total demolition, design, repairs and remodeling.

underground storage tanks
Underground Storage Tanks

Remcon 3 offers abroad variety of underground storage tank services for your convenience, including tank field monitoring, installations and upgrades, repairs and tightness testing.


REMCON3, LLC (REMCON) performs asbestos inspections, sample collection, analysis and reporting for sites throughout Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia. Types of samples collected include bulk and air for analysis either by Phased Contrast Microscopy, Phased Light Microscopy or Transmission Electron Microscopy.

Work performed includes: inspections for architectural firms preparing renovation plans for clients; pre-construction sampling for interior and exterior renovations for property owners and managers; sample collection and industrial hygiene monitoring performed during over site of asbestos abatement activities; asbestos surveys for insurance companies and inspections of schools in accordance with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA).For Phased Contrast Microscopy evaluations, REMCON has personnel that are NIOSH 582 certified to read and clear abatement work under the appropriate conditions.

Work has been performed for Governmental, Commercial and Residential clients. Copies of licenses and certifications are available upon request.


REMCON performs Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments and Environmental Transaction Screens which in many cases serve the same purpose as a Phase I, but at a reduced cost.

Historical sources, such as aerial photographs, topographic maps, or fire insurance maps are reviewed for indications of previous property uses and potential sources of contamination and future liabilities. Available governmental databases are also reviewed for both the site of interest and surrounding properties, at times up to a one mile radius. Information sought includes: pending enforcement actions; ongoing or proposed monitoring activities; remediation, or other environmental actions. When possible, area residents will also be interviewed for pertinent site information.

Following the historical review, physical on-site survey of the property and surrounding areas are performed to search for any evidence or conditions indicative of potential impairment or the presence of toxic, hazardous, or petroleum based substances or underground and aboveground storage tanks and lines or their remnants, soil discoloration, waste accumulation, management practices, etc. Finally, all the information is consolidated into a report with an executive summary for quick reading.


REMCON provides the equipment and experienced personnel to assist consultants, engineers, abatement companies and individuals in the performance of industrial hygiene monitoring activities at residential, commercial, and government facilities. Typical industrial hygiene monitoring activities include; testing for moisture, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, petroleum distillates, total particulates (dusts and other nuisance odors) and other industrial contaminants, such as, formaldehyde in trailers and campers. 

Meters, high and low volume air pumps, and drager tubes are all utilized to obtain air samples from a variety of activities and provide our clients with the most accurate information available. All methods utilized to collect and analyze samples are obtained from the National Institute of Safety and Health (NIOSH) libraries for methodologies. 

Sampling and monitoring activities are performed, as required, and may be during normal business hours or after hours depending on the requirements and constraints of our clients. Depending on the requirements and needs of our clients, REMCON may provide the equipment or provide subcontractor information, allowing our clients to obtain the equipment that may be required to perform a variety of sample activities, minimizing labor requirements and ultimately costs.



REMCON performs various lead inspections in Maryland and the District of Columbia markets. Working with developers, property owners, and renovators, REMCON provides support regarding the conduct of initial lead surveys, utilizing X-ray fluorescence, minimizing cost, time, and damage to property.

REMCON has performed a number of lead surveys on multi-family units within the DC area to ensure compliance with the new District of Columbia requirements regarding lead paint surveys and notification requirements.

Following completion of renovations, REMCON performs clearance wipe sampling, either utilizing the composite or single wipe methods, as outlined in the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Guidelines for the Evaluation and Control of Lead-Based Paint Hazards in Housing Guidelines, Chapter 15 Table 1.

Assistance is available on either a project or individual unit basis. REMCON currently has clients that require both complete clearance of commercial renovation projects, as well as, routine clearance of single units as tenants rotate in and out of a complex. Results of clearance testing can be available next day, based on the needs and requirements of our client.



REMCON performs mold inspections and sampling activities for our clients. Our clients consist of property managers, consultants, and abatement companies that seek an independent analysis of what is present, as well as, has the abatement performed been effective.

Samples collected include: Air, for situations where the presence of mold is suspected but not obvious or as documentation to demonstrate that abatement has been successful. In many cases REMCON provides before and after sampling for our clients to document that abatement activities have been successfully completed. These before and after sampling events may involve the collection of either air, bulk or swab samples for analysis for our clients.

Most air samples collected are for total spore counts using either aero cell cassettes or laboratory slides, though culturable samples using an Anderson impactor may also be collected if species and viability information is necessary. In many cases it is noted that even though total spore values are high, as compared with exterior control samples, culturable spore counts are low thus indicating a housekeeping issue rather than a mold issue. This type of approach and information saves our clients the cost of unnecessary abatement or clean up activities.



REMCON provides assistance with the identification and disposal of waste materials, be they, industrial chemicals, bulk materials or household items. REMCON personnel are experienced in the sampling, developing composite samples, then having the collected materials analyzed.

Items having been dealt with include transformers, soils, unknown drummed liquids and solids, as well as, lab pack quantity materials.

Analytical results for collected samples can be provided in as little as 24 hours, should the need be there. Following receipt of sample results, REMCON can assist our clients with the disposal of the identified materials either via hazardous waste disposal or other means as approved for the specific materials.



REMCON has experience in both partial and total demolition activities. With the environmental experience, REMCON provides the survey and then brings in the appropriate abatement contractors for the first part of the work, after which, further demolition can take place.

In addition to structures, REMCON has been involved with commercial suite demolition. In a few instances, demolition has occurred to repair previously faulty craftsmanship. In certain commercial settings demolition activities are to occur after hours to keep from interfering with commercial tenant operations. One of the challenges associated with commercial occupied properties is the loss of revenue or cost of additional work space to continue work activities.

In one instance, REMCON, completely dismantled and reconstructed a commercial store within the same mall, in the course of one day. This allowed the merchant to continue to sell their wares while their preferred location was repaired. The demolition entailed the complete removal of the suites on grade concrete slab, excavation of the soils below the existing slab and preparation the preparation of the excavated area for the replacement of the removed slab and reconstruction of the store. The entire demolition and rebuild was performed within one week with the merchant losing only one day of sales from start to finish.

Whether it be interior buildouts, renovations or repairs, REMCON can provide the drawings necessary to support the work. New designs can also be pictured and our clients are able to “see” what the finished products will look like.This is possible through the use of 3-D computer programs which bring to life the two dimensional drawings that many companies supply. 

Not only does the three dimensional drawings bring our clients’ thoughts and concepts to life, but they also allow for the experimentation with colors and finishes at the click of a button. Would wall paper add accents that we can’t get with paint? What would it look like if pendulum ceiling fixtures were used in lieu of ceiling fans or other types of lights?

Examples of how different designs or looks can be evaluated are available upon request. Once designs are complete, REMCON works with different engineers to get the drawings approved and ready for the permitting process. Time spent in design is well worth it, as an accurate design may show problem areas that need to be addressed prior to construction, or better ways of achieving the look one is attempting to capture.

REMCON works with property owners, both residential and commercial, and commercial property managers to help maintain their properties in good repair. RECMON also works with many residential realtors to get properties ready for sale, either through the repair of obviously damaged items to items noted on inspector checklists. In many cases, REMCON has received calls from realtors or mortgage brokers requesting last minute assistance due to noted repairs not being completed which would cause closing issues.

Being licensed as a home improvement contractor, as well as, a general contractor in Maryland, REMCON is able to help and provide the documentation necessary at closing time.Repairs are performed on both the interiors and exteriors which include siding, gutters, soffits, masonry, doors, windows, trim, drywall, floors, installation and removal of fans, as well as, plumbing fixtures and piping. Many of the repairs may be considered handyman type work, and REMCON performs these while carrying commercial grade liability and workers compensation insurance.

REMCON helps our clients get permits whenever necessary. In many cases REMCON has acted as an independent agent for our clients to secure the permits necessary to complete projects which include, but are not limited to, the installation of additional supports for various structures, the removal or abandonment of underground storage tanks, and the renovations of commercial and residential suites and homes. 

In many cases the permit is acquired as part of the project. For assistance in permitting or if you have a project that needs to be completed and requires permitting let REMCON assist you.

REMCON helps our clients get permits whenever necessary. In many cases REMCON has acted as an independent agent for our clients to secure the permits necessary to complete projects which include, but are not limited to, the installation of additional supports for various structures, the removal or abandonment of underground storage tanks, and the renovations of commercial and residential suites and homes. 

In many cases the permit is acquired as part of the project. For assistance in permitting or if you have a project that needs to be completed and requires permitting let REMCON assist you.

REMCON performs the entire spectrum of remodeling work for our clients. 

For commercial clients, this includes the initial design, conduct of hazardous materials surveys, assistance with the development of realistic remodeling cost, acquiring the necessary permits, conduct of demolition activities, and final build out. 

For our residential clients, this too includes initial design, development of budgets, required demolition, and final buildout. Our goal is to provide a renovation for our clients that meets and exceeds their expectations. One of the greatest compliments we have ever received was from a client that stated “After three years there is not one thing I would change from the original design” that was developed between them and REMCON.


For a number of our commercial clients, REMCON performs monthly tank monitoring activities. These include inspections of all equipment; testing for the presence of water both in the tank and annular spaces; checking the existing monitoring wells, spill buckets, concrete and product levels.

From this information, monthly reports are prepared to document inspection activities and are useful in proving compliance with regulations regarding the inspection and monitoring of underground storage tanks.

Many times these inspections have been successful in identifying small issues and allowing for their resolution, prior to serious issues arising.


REMCON is licensed to perform underground storage tank installations

and upgrades, for both commercial and residential clients in the District of Columbia and Maryland.

Upgrade work includes the installation of new double containment lines, sumps, and spill buckets, or, where possible, the repair to existing items. Where necessary, REMCON can replace an existing underground storage tank up to a 2,000 gallon capacity. Aboveground tanks can be installed and are available as skid mounted double walled or single walled for use inside containment areas.


REMCON is licensed to perform commercial and residential tank removals and abandonments in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia. In the past, work has been performed on known tanks and tanks that have been encountered during excavation activities associated with the excavation of building foundations and or removals.

Work performed by REMCON on these projects include tank cleaning, coring below the tank to obtain soil samples, analysis of the samples, permitting and final excavation and removal or filling with flo-able fill materials. At other times REMCON serves solely as the on-site license holder when working with consulting firms for tank removal and closure activities.

Where necessary and appropriate, REMCON works with the regulatory agencies to determine the approach regarding tank closure. This involves abandonment in lieu of removal.



REMCON is licensed to perform tank repairs in Maryland and the District of Columbia to include:

  • Removal and Cleaning of Spill Bucket Components
  • Removal and reinstallation of manway sumps and transition sumps
  • Repair of concrete around monitoring wells and manholes containing tank sensors and other equipment
  • Replacement of damaged lines and valves

Work can be performed on either a fixed price or on a time and materials basis, depending on the extent of the known requirements.



REMCON provides tank testing services for our commercial and residential clients throughout Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia. The test methodology employed is the MassTech Tank Test System which is applicable on tanks with Ullage volumes up to 30,000 gallons. 

Tank testing periods are dependent on the ullage volume and vary any where from 2.38 hours with the tank filled to a capacity of 5%, to .27 hours if the tank is filled to a capacity of 95%. The test is applicable to tanks containing the following type of fuels:


 •  Diesel Fuel

 •  Aviation Fuel

 •  Fuel Oil #4

 •  Waste Oil

 •  Empty Tanks


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